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To uplift every business and individual associated with us by delivering premier BPO services and career opportunities

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Allure performs highest-grade standards in hair transplantation operations reflected by ensuring FUE Transplantation technique which is a must-have standard in all operations. This is a clear manifestation of Allure Clinics which is established by Medical Doctors; operations are strictly performed by or under supervision of Medical Doctors.

 Industry-Specific Outsourcing Services

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Get access to one of our clients' case studies to find out how The OnSpot Experience made the difference to their businesses and how to accomplish more with less.

Why Choose OnSpot

You get more than A players. When you partner with us, you get a full scale support for your business. We will help you build your processes, leverage from hundreds of years of combined entrepreneurial experience of our team, enhance your decision making capabilities through analytics and more. 

4P Framework to ensure that your systems are scalable. We will build the Framework right from the start of our partnership. Consider this as you new business SUPERPOWER.

Data analytics build up specific for your business to equip you with fast decision making capabilities for your customers, your employees, and your stakeholders. We will get to a point where your data will almost tell you what to do and deliver stories to your inbox at your preferred day and time.

Free and unlimited consultancy from serial entrepreneurs and outsourcing experts from various industries. Our team will not only review your process. We will also leverage from hundreds of years of entrepreneurial experience or our team and client advisory to bring you the most value.

Highly skilled and culturally fit staff trained specific for your business. Our recruitment process is optimized to hire the best employees with the right fit for our clients. Our goal is to equip you with "A Players" only.

Alexa Yurena, CA

“Working with OnSpot in a huge blessing. I had challenges hiring people due to very expensive salaries in California. Good thing a friend who is also a client of OnSpot recommended working with them. Now every hire I need goes to OnSpot."

 Outsourcing Made Simple

We make your outsourcing process easy for your business. Our experts will be able to guide you through the 7-step system to provide you the OnSpot Experience


To Us

Understanding your needs and setting up the foundation

​Kick-Off Meeting
Schedule a kick-off meeting with you and your team.

Get To Know Us​

Provide a brief overview of "onspot" and its services

Discovery Session
Understanding your needs, expectations, and goals

OnSpot by the Numbers

Know Your Real Cost Of Outsourcing

In offshore outsourcing, 'price,' 'cost,' and 'value' are not just interchangeable terms—they are pivotal elements of your financial strategy. OnSpotGlobal stands as your strategic ally, dedicated to enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and sharpening your competitive edge.

We believe in transparent pricing that aligns with the true value & cost of the services we provide. With our clear-cut approach, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of each aspect—ensuring that your decision to outsource is not only informed but also strategically advantageous.

Embrace a partnership with OnSpotGlobal, where we transform the outsourcing services landscape in the USA through clarity and precision in our pricing and value proposition

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Tell us about your business challenges and let us get to know you more. We will respond with a proposed solution within 24 hours.

Worried That We Are Not Right Fit?

Let's find out if OnSpotGlobal is the right match for your precise outsourcing needs by taking our fit test. If we're not the ideal partner for you, we'll help refer you to someone who is.

Delightful Connections

Your prefer dealing with people who are aligned to your business culture.


Growth Mindset

You have a vision to build bigger things. You believe that in order to grow, you must invest in people, process, and technology.

Value People

You understand that employee happiness has direct impact to the your business success.

Customer Happiness

You put high important to customer happiness and you know that your this is driven by your People, Process, and Technology. 

You Want Control

You prefer hands-on ownership of your day-to-day operations while OnSpot helps you with everything else.

Value Innovation

You don't settle for the status quo. You continue to challenge what is possible and that no innovation is impossible for you.

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Michael F. Corbett

"Very few business tools have the power to fundamentally transform an organization - Outsourcing is one of them."