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Build Your Dream Team With OnSpot


The OnSpot Experience makes the difference to your business


The OnSpot Experience

We make outsourcing easy!

We have the obsession towards our clients along with massive desire to deliver high efficiency and quality at reasonable cost.

OnSpot is about our people & our clients above everything else. We understand the value of DESIGN + CULTURE to deliver the most innovative and exceptional service marketplace experience to the best brands and the best Tribe in  the world.

OnSpot History
The OnSpot Vision


From Our Founder

I invite you to experience our design and culture -

The OnSpot Experience. 

As an owner of multiple businesses across the world, I understand the need for a very strong team to be successful. I found them in the Philippines and Costa Rica while I keep my operations in New York.

Our leadership brings more than 100 years of experience in start-up businesses, outsourcing, travel, hospitality, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, finance, and education. 

We are a Tribe of innovative, creative, and goal driven people who live life to the fullest. See for yourself and prepare to be blown away.

Jake Wainberg

Founder, OnSpot


The OnSpot Circle

Worried about the Recession?
Friendly Business Team


Worried About The Recession?

We got you! Speak to one of our Business Development Managers to know how OnSpot can help your business save cost and increase quality through the hard times.

As an OnSpot partner, your business is our business. We will find ways to work with you to help your company get through the hard times. Let's start by increasing the runway of your cash flow through a significantly reduced cost.

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The Best People

At the core of our business are our exceptional people.


Our Staff embodies the company Core Values not only at work but also on our personal lives. When you partner with us, you get to build your DREAM TEAM that takes the beliefs and values of your brand at heart.

An OnSpot staff believes and acts on the company WHY.

An OnSpot staff embodies the company Core Values every single day not only at work but also in their personal lives.

An OnSpot staff aims to deliver the most innovative and exceptional outsourcing experience to the best brands in the world every single day.

Onspot People


It's about our people for our clients

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by providing the best and happiest people, the most efficient and highest quality processes, the latest technology, and the most innovative problem-solving systems.

We deliver the promises our partners make.


And yes…


We bring pride and prestige to the talent marketplace world.

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We Make Outsourcing Easy!

OnSpot delivers the most innovative and exceptional service marketplace experience to the leading brands in the world.

We listen to your needs, challenges, and goals to better serve you. We conduct research and create solutions that are specific to your brand.

Sales Support

Sales Support

You maybe a sales support team away from rapidly growing your business.


Discover how we can help you drive revenue through our unmatched sales support model. Whatever your sales targets are, we have the solutions for you.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We are here to deliver the promises you make to your customers.


Find out how you can build your own Dream Team that will "wow" your customers. At OnSpot, your brand is our brand. Our Tribe is your Team. 

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants

We get it. You want a highly skilled, dependable, flexible and efficient team to support your business. We got you!

When you partner with us, you partner with our Philosophy, People, Process, and Technology, not just with your virtual assistant. 

Back-Office Support

Back-Office Support

Imagine your business delivering exceptional performance while lowering operational cost. That is the OnSpot Value Proposition at its best!

Reach out to us and find out what is the OnSpot Experience. Just let us know what you need and we'll figure out the rest.

Lead Mining

Lead Mining

Think about getting the highest quality leads for your sales team all the time. The first step to 10X your business is to improve your leads.

Explore what OnSpot can offer your by partnering with us. Our 20+ years of sales and lead generation experience will help make the difference.

Data Entry

Data Entry

How far will your budget go to hire the best people? A long, long, way! We mean a long, long, way.

Efficiency, quality, and exceptional experience is what the OnSpot Experience has for your business. Contact us to find out great opportunities to build your own dream team.

We’ve been using On Spot Sales for the last month and we are really happy with their service. Everyone is so professional and responds in a timely manner. We definitely recommend them to any other companies out there. Keep up the good work

~Owner, First Choice Movers

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