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Build Your Dream Team With OnSpot
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Build Your Dream Team With OnSpot


The OnSpot Experience makes the difference to your business


The OnSpot Experience

We make outsourcing easy!

We have the obsession towards our clients along with massive desire to deliver high efficiency and quality at reasonable cost.

OnSpot is about our people & our clients above everything else. We understand the value of DESIGN + CULTURE to deliver the most innovative and exceptional service marketplace experience to the best brands and the best Tribe in  the world.

OnSpot History
The OnSpot Vision


From Our Founder

I invite you to experience our design and culture -

The OnSpot Experience. 

As an owner of multiple businesses across the world, I understand the need for a very strong team to be successful. I found them in the Philippines and Costa Rica while I keep my operations in New York.

Our leadership brings more than 100 years of experience in start-up businesses, outsourcing, travel, hospitality, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, finance, and education. 

We are a Tribe of innovative, creative, and goal driven people who live life to the fullest. See for yourself and prepare to be blown away.

Jake Wainberg

Founder, OnSp