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OnSpot pricing is completely transparent and is billed monthly in one easy invoice. Worry free, all in!

Pick the perfect deal for your business

Full Time Equivalent Packages -Best Deals in the Market

Bespoke Package

Starts at



  • To be discussed

Managed Package

Starts at



  • Staffing

  • Team Manager

  • Administrative

  • System

  • Reports

  • Training

  • Management

Self- Managed

Starts at



  • Staffing

  • Administrative

  • System

  • Reports

  • Management

Build your Dream Team with Us!

We Partner with right minded clients who share the same passion and culture with OnSpot. Partners are start-ups, small and medium enterprises with passion for people, growth, innovation and challenging the status quo.

Build yuor Dream Team

Employee direct costs

This covers the salaries and associated benefits for each employee. These items are billed at cost with no markup. Salaries for each staff member will vary depending on their qualifications and experience, and are set at the time of hiring.

Admin Cost

The Admin Cost is set at a fixed price and covers all operational costs such as HR, payroll, office support, facilities, electricity, internet, security, shared meeting rooms, IT support, infrastructure and disaster recovery (N+1 power, connectivity, hot seats and environmental systems).

Operations Cost

OnSpot has a simple but very flexible managed hardware model. Our customers can choose the perfect hardware for their team without massive up front costs. We purchase, install, secure, upgrade and fully support the hardware with rapid repair or replacement for the life of the contract.

OnSpot Experience Advantage

If you genuinely can do something yourself, go for it. But if it is not the mission of your business, OnSpot gives you the option to provide flexibility, reduce cost, increase quality, and free you up to do the things you really should be doing yourself.

  • Access to Expertise

  • Time - Focus on things that produce value to your customers

  • Cost Reduction - Leverage on people, equipment and processes

  • Add flexibility to your business and people


Partner with OnSpot to help you figure things out. We recommend what you can do.


Facilitate significant changes


24/7 availability


Understanding Opportunities


Help save cost


Advance reporting and analytics


Leverage from decades of experience and industry best practices

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