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Our team believes in the integration of WORK  and LIFE. Only through integration we are able achieve a true balance where work is part of our everyday lives and that our everyday lives fuel our work.

Renier Macalino from OnSpot coaching a kids basketball team


Hours spent on entrepreneurship

Our leadership team has gone the through extents of entrepreneurship and business. We are founders of multiple startup and companies before coming together to build OnSpot exactly for the needs of startups, professionals, and small enterprises.

Yet, we love to live life to the fullest!

Renier Macalino of OnSpot coaching a kid's basketball team.
Jake Wainberg, founder of OnSpot
Nur Laminero, CEO of OnSpot
OnSpot Global Leaders
Alon Ben Eli,  co-founder of OnSpot
Nur Laminero, CEO of OnSpot
Janica Ocampo, Sales Delivery Manager of OnSpot
Evelyn Dayrit, Director of Talent at OnSpot
Jake Wainberg, founder of OnSpot at Sagada hanging coffins
Mark Apostol, VP of Growth at OnSpot
OnSpot Global
Nur Laminero, CEO of OnSpot
Alon Ben Eli, co-founder of OnSpot
Renier Macalino, Head of Sales at OnSpot

How OnSpot Started

Our company started out of necessity. We built it to support our businesses from various industries in the US. As a matter of fact, we were a SALES ORGANIZATION first, then we became a BPO. Our team members are not just outsourcing experts, we are also founders, entrepreneurs, and salesmen. This is why we understand BPO clients like no others because we are clients, we are entrepreneurs, and we are vendors.

Our Leaders

Jake Wainberg.jpeg

Jake Wainberg

Founder & President

Nur Laminero, CEO of OnSpot.png

Nur Laminero


Alon Ben Eli.jpeg

Alon Ben Eli


Our tribe is our pride. Our clients, our lifeline. The commitment is simple: to uplift every individual associated with us. By ensuring the unparalleled success of our clients and recognizing the dreams of our tribe, we aspire to be the ultimate standard in the outsourcing service marketplace.

Michael F. Corbett

"Very few business tools have the power to fundamentally transform an organization - Outsourcing is one of them."
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