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The Urgency of Now: Embracing the Instant Economy Through Outsourcing

Updated: Jan 12

We need it now. Actually, we needed it yesterday!

The Urgency of Now: Embracing the Instant Economy Through Outsourcing

Let’s talk about speed. Speed is of utmost importance to startups and small businesses, and there are compelling reasons for this urgency. The runway of startups and small businesses is very short and the expectation are high. This is why every minute counts.

  • Limited Resources: Unlike established enterprises, startups often operate with limited financial, human, and technical resources. Speed ensures that they maximize the output and ROI from these limited resources before they run out.

  • Competitive Advantage: In many industries, the market landscape is fiercely competitive. Being first—or at least faster than competitors—can lead to a significant advantage. Speed can allow a startup to establish its brand, gain user trust, and stake its claim in a sector before others have the opportunity.

  • Rapid Iteration and Feedback: Startups, by nature, operate in uncertain conditions. The faster they launch a product or service, the quicker they can gather real-world feedback. This allows for rapid iterations, making sure the product is refined and improved in real-time based on actual user needs.

  • Adaptability: Markets, technologies, and consumer preferences change rapidly. Speed ensures startups can pivot or adapt their strategies quickly in response to these changes, ensuring they remain relevant and viable.

  • Investor Expectations: Many startups operate with funding from investors who have specific growth and progress expectations. Speed in execution helps meet these milestones, ensuring continuous investor confidence and subsequent funding rounds.

  • Limited Window of Opportunity: Some startups are based on very timely opportunities that might become irrelevant or obsolete if not acted upon quickly. In these cases, speed is essential to seize the moment.

  • Building Momentum: For startups and small businesses, creating buzz and maintaining it is essential for growth. Quick product releases, updates, and news can create a momentum that keeps the brand in the spotlight.

  • Operational Efficiency: Being fast doesn't just mean rushing decisions; it means creating efficient operations. Efficient startups can reduce overhead, make the most of their resources, and respond more effectively to challenges.

  • Talent Attraction and Retention: Top talent is often drawn to dynamic, fast-paced environments where their work makes an immediate impact. A speedy startup environment can be a major draw for professionals looking for exciting roles.

  • Economic Changes and Uncertainties: Especially for small businesses, economic downturns or market changes can be devastating. Speed in decision-making and adaptability can help navigate these uncertainties, allowing for quick shifts in strategy to mitigate risks.

Your small business, a vital part of many economies, faces a huge amount of challenges that can often lead to its premature end. One of the primary reasons for such failures is a the lack of resources, both financially and in terms of human capital.

You might find it challenging to maintain cash flow or invest in crucial sectors like marketing, product development, and customer service. Moreover, you might not have the in-house expertise to handle specialized tasks like IT management, legal compliance, or advanced data analysis. These constraints can lead to subpar services, missed opportunities, and operational inefficiencies.

We are in a hyper-competitive business arena. You can't afford to be a jack-of-all-trades, risking spreading yourself too thin. This is where the power of outsourcing comes in. It offers you the opportunity to access a wealth of expertise without the financial strain of hiring full-time personnel.

Whether your needs lie in accounting, digital marketing, or supply chain management, there are seasoned professionals available who can execute these tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively. By outsourcing, you can maintain flexibility, cut down expenses, and ensure every facet of your operation is overseen by experts. To truly flourish in the modern market, you must acknowledge where you might fall short and swiftly turn to outsourcing to fill those gaps. This is where we come in. Besides being a New York-based company where speed is paramount, we are founders of multiple startups and currently run several through OnSpot. That's why we understand the critical importance of speed.

Efficiency and speed is not just an operational buzzword; they are the essence of survival and growth, especially for startups and small businesses. The OnSpot core value - "Efficient - Fast, Fast, Fast" captures this sentiment perfectly.

OnSpot Core Value: Efficient - Fast, Fast, Fast

If you're a startup, a professional eager to progress, a bootstrapping company, a high-growth team, or a small ambitious business, it's imperative to outsource to partners who not only provide immediate resources and support but are also truly designed to cater to businesses like yours. Let’s look at a few case studies to make our point.

1. The Rise of the 'Instant Economy'

With the proliferation of technology and the internet, consumers have grown accustomed to instant gratification. They expect to click a button and have their desires met.

Startups, like Amazon in its initial years, capitalized on this growing need by ensuring next-day (or even same-day) deliveries. Had Amazon operated inefficiently, another, faster competitor would have met the market demand, pushing Amazon into obscurity.

Case Study: Slack

Situation: Before Slack, communication tools were either too complex or lacked the necessary features to enable real-time collaboration.

Action: Slack introduced a messaging platform that was both user-friendly and equipped with advanced features. They focused on a rapid and seamless integration process, reducing the time it took for companies to onboard.

Result: Slack's emphasis on quick collaboration made it the go-to tool for many startups and enterprises. Its success story is a testament to the benefits of being "Fast, Fast, Fast." 2. The Need for Agility in Decision Making

In the startup world, the landscape changes rapidly. New challenges emerge overnight, and there is a constant race against time. Here, efficiency isn't just about speed but also about making the right decisions swiftly.

Case Study: Dropbox

Situation: When Dropbox started, the cloud storage market was becoming crowded. They needed to stand out.

Action: Instead of spending years perfecting an entirely unique feature, they focused on making the user experience as smooth and fast as possible. Their file syncing was almost instantaneous, and the sharing process was streamlined.

Result: Dropbox quickly became synonymous with cloud storage for many users because of its efficiency and speed, even with giants like Google entering the space.

3. Outsourcing and the Importance of Speed

Outsourcing is a strategy employed by businesses, big and small, to improve efficiency. However, the success of outsourcing hinges on the speed of the external team.

Case Study: Alibaba

Situation: Alibaba, during its initial stages, wanted to break into the global market but recognized that building everything in-house would slow them down.

Action: Alibaba outsourced its website design to a U.S. team, focusing on rapid deployment.

Result: By leveraging external expertise and not waiting to build an internal team, Alibaba quickly positioned itself as a global e-commerce giant.

4. Small Businesses and the Race Against Time

For small businesses, the margin for error is minuscule. They don't have the luxury of vast resources, so efficiency in operations and speed in market placement becomes their strength.

Case Study: Calm

Situation: In the growing space of mental wellness apps, Calm started as a small venture.

Action: Instead of gradually building a suite of features, they swiftly launched with meditation guides. Their efficiency in content delivery and user experience helped them gain a significant user base.

Result: Today, Calm is one of the leading apps in mental wellness, showcasing how speed can help small businesses carve a niche.

So how do we get to deliver speed with the right quality?

The 4P Framework: Driving Speed with Quality

To ensure that your systems are scalable, we build the 4P Framework right from the start. Consider this as you new business SUPERPOWER.

The 4P Framework, comprising Philosophy, People, Process, and Problem-Solving, is a holistic approach to achieving both speed and quality in business operations.

When these four components align harmoniously, we are able to navigate the challenges of today's fast-paced business environment without compromising on excellence.

Toyota, where we got this framework, serves as a compelling case study illustrating the effectiveness of this framework.

1. Philosophy: Establishing Purpose and Direction

Our company philosophy lays the groundwork for all our operations. It defines our company's mission, vision, and core values, ensuring that everyone knows the 'why' behind what they do. We create the same for our client to define what a successful partnership looks like. Toyota's Example: Toyota's foundational philosophy, known as the "Toyota Way," emphasizes long-term thinking and developing people. It's not just about manufacturing cars but about contributing positively to society. This commitment to a greater purpose ensures sustained quality even when the company scales or pivots rapidly.

2. People: Empowering and Investing in Talent

People are the engine of any company. Empowering them ensures that they can act swiftly, make informed decisions, and maintain quality. This is why every single seat at OnSpot has clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

We use the model of GWC from Entrepreneurial Operating System to articulate this clearly. We hire smart, hardworking, and independent people and let them do their job. We have people who builds processes, run it and iterate on it.

Toyota's Example: Toyota has always prioritized the growth and development of its employees. The company believes that its people are its most valuable asset. By instilling the company's philosophy in each employee and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, Toyota ensures that every team member can make decisions that are both quick and qualitatively superior.

3. Process: Streamlining for Efficiency and Excellence

A well-defined process is crucial for speed. It eliminates waste, reduces the need for repeated decision-making, and ensures consistent quality. That's why we document and automate as much as possible. We aim for our people and resources to focus their time and effort on creativity, problem-solving, and innovation, rather than constantly dealing with the minutiae that processes and automation should address.

Toyota's Example: Toyota's production system, often referred to as "Lean Manufacturing" or the "Just-In-Time" system, is a testament to the company's commitment to efficient processes. By reducing waste and focusing on continuous improvement, Toyota not only speeds up its manufacturing but also ensures that every vehicle meets its high-quality standards.

4. Problem-Solving: Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Encouraging a problem-solving mindset ensures that challenges are addressed promptly, innovations are continuous, and the pursuit of excellence is relentless. We've integrated multiple processes to identify problems and issues in real-time and correct them. Furthermore, we build improvements to prevent these problems from recurring.

Toyota's Example: One of the core principles of the Toyota Way is 'Genchi Genbutsu,' which translates to "go and see for yourself." Instead of relying on secondhand information, Toyota encourages its employees to go to the source of a problem and understand it firsthand. This immediate approach to problem-solving ensures that issues are resolved quickly and improvements are consistently integrated.

In today's fast-paced business world, those who can operate efficiently and make swift decisions stand a better chance of not just surviving but thriving.

Whether you're a startup, a small enterprise, or a giant conglomerate, efficiency and speed are your allies in the journey towards success.

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